“Save a loaf a week, help win the War”:Food Conservation and World War IAlma’s Orphans:Mapping Relief Efforts for French and Belgian Children in WWIAmerica and World War I:A Brief OverviewAn Infantryman’s Journey Through WWI:Edward Forman’s Postcard CollectionAssurance and Memory:Communication During World War ICapturing Memories:Photography in WWICrafting Memories:The Tradition of Scrapbooking in the United StatesDining in France:Analyzing Frank R. Steed’s Menu CollectionForman Postcards:A Journey Through MemoryForman’s Travels Through France:Using Postcards to Understand Changing LandscapesHot Off The Presses:Newspapers During WWIMapmakingwith Frank R. Steed’s ScrapbookMapping the [un]Changing European CitiesThrough Frank R. Steed’s ScrapbooksMass Recruitment:Propaganda on the Home FrontOrphans of the Front in World War IPopular Culture During WWIPostmarked Past:Examining Edward Forman’s Wartime CorrespondenceRemembering America’s War Dead of the Western FrontSilent Films and World War IThe Adventures of Frank Steed:WWI Service Remembered Through TourismThe American Red Cross in FranceThe Long Road:Mapping Soldiers’ Journeys With Alma Clarke’s ScrapbookThe Red Cross Nurse as a Maker of PropagandaThe Second Line of Defense:Female Representation During the WWI (Visual Storytelling)The Second Line of Defense:Female Representation During the WWI (Project)Timeline of World War ITouring Memory at the American Red Cross Military Hospital No. 1World War I in Fiction:Imagined War