Alma Clarke

Alma Clarke in Ward 246

At Military Hospital No. 1, auxiliary nurse Alma Clarke served from November 4, 1918 to January 25, 1919.

Armistice was November 11, 1918.

“When, in June 1918, the military situation became acute and the Germans seized Soissons, with the subsequent loss of French hospitalization, the beds of American Red Cross Hospitals Nos. 101 and 103 were used to care for overflow patients from the Ambulance, Military Hospital No. 1. Thus during the six months ending December 30, 1918, Red Cross Military Hospital No. 1, with its allied hospitals Nos. 101 and 103, admitted 7437 patients and maintained 175,873 hospital days; 5553 operations were performed during this period.” (Dock, History of American Red Cross Nursing (1922), 612)