(Enter the courtyard)

Two visiting nurses to Hospital No. 1 recalled:

“The gymnasium of the Lycée Pasteur has been turned into two big wards of about 35 beds each and the other rooms in the building (class rooms, etc.), hold 8 beds apiece. We each had one of these 8-bed wards filled with French privates. There are also many English soldiers in the hospital. There were two staffs, Dr. DuBouchet’s and Dr. Blake’s. Each staff had its own wards, its own operating room nurses; one staff operated in the morning and the other in the afternoon, and they received on alternate days. There were 350 to 400 patients, about 95 nurses and some 150 auxiliaries at the hospital. Auxiliaries, let me explain, are ladies of various ages and stations in life who volunteer their services.” (“Experiences in the American Ambulance Hospital, Neuilly, France,” The American Journal of Nursing 15, no. 7 (April 1915), 550.)Courtyard